Tonic Cocktail Recipe Book


    Tonic Recipe Book First Edition 2021| Twenty One Cocktail recipes for you to make at home. 
    You can now make Tonics signature cocktails in the comfort of your own home, or show off to your friends at your next dinner party with the Gin cocktails in this ebook book.
    Drinks in this e-book:
    • Oh Honey You’re so Fine
    • Cucumber Crush
    • Marigigold
    • D’light
    • Netflix & Chill
    • Linden75
    • Ginuwine
    • Summer Mule
    • Tiny Pine
    • Spice Club
    • Tiki Monk
    • The Orient
    • Lucy In the Sky
    • Wild Stone
    • Islay Clovers
    • Basil Box
    • Dry Martini
    • Negroni
    • Mama mia
    • Sea & Veld
    Don’t forget to purchase your Tweezers and Fake Ice to help you style the perfect drinks. 

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