Backdrop Styling Boards


    Our Backdrop Styling Boards are going to be a staple in your styling arsenal. Here’s why they are the best in South Africa.

    • 800mm x 600mm / 80cm x 60 cm
    • 0.8cm THICK! (Regular boards are 0.3cm thick so more than twice as thick)
    • Perfectly balanced colours and hues to avoid overly bright / over-exposed photos
    • Highly textured quality print – no pixilation or artificial look
    • Special matt coating that makes the boards more resistant to scratching as well as reducing sheen/shine
    • Rigid – so no need to stress about your board bending
    Care Instructions: Wipe your board with a damp (not wet) cloth after shooting messy foods | Be aware that items such as beetroot, turmeric, curries etc. can stain the boards | Do not drag items with a rough base across the board | Boards can dent if mishandled | Treat with care and they will last a long time. We stand ours upright in a magazine stand.
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